My Buddies

In my daily activities and excitement, I have several supporting characters. First and foremost, there is my wonderful boyfriend, who provides love, advice, and a healthy dose of humor....unfortunately from 3,000 miles away. Such is the reality of separate graduate schools. We make the best of the situation, but when things get tough, I have another source of love at hand.

Sir Winston Cat Churchill or Little Boo, Little Dude, Pikatchu, Yo Yo Meow or Monsieur Meow. (Yes I give my pets extremely odd pet names. Pun intended).
Here is Winston. Sure, he looks like a cat from the outside, but at heart, he's pure dog. He fetches better than Chloe, always wants his belly rubbed, sleeps under the covers with me, and even gives kisses. Don't believe me? Check out the video below.

(Note: this video was taken in my old apartment, so it might look different.)

Winston also likes to help in every way he can, although he prefers to taste meat, cheese and dairy. He's also happy to get his tail in paint or step on glue.

Since he is my little sidekick, his contributions, antics and silly moments will probably show up here. Feel free to look away or fall in love with him as I have.

PS- I am actually not a crazy cat lady. Sure I love Winston like crazy, but the truth is, as long as it's fuzzy, I'll snuggle it, talk to it, and spend way too much time playing with it.