Monday, August 12, 2013

Old Town Sidewalk Sale

There were a few things really excited me about moving to Old Town. First, there is a real sense of community. Most of the stores are boutique shops and so the owners are really invested in their customers and getting to know who visits their stores. Second, it's a real dog town.

These two awesome characteristics could not have been more on display this weekend during the annual Sidewalk Sale. Over 60 businesses in Old Town and Del Ray put their merchandise on sale for the weekend and most even put out discounted wares on tables on the streets and patios. Combined with the weekly farmers' market on Saturday, the Sidewalk Sale had Old Town buzzing unlike any time I'd ever seen it.

Armed with my gift card to La Cuisine and tons of excitement, I got an early start and visited tons of shops before noon.

The morning started, as most good mornings do, with a big cup of tea, from Misha's.

After my tea and some serious dog watching, I got a move on.

Next door was my first retail stop at Bloomers for some basic undergarments. I'm not going to photograph them, but let's just say, you shouldn't neglect the basics. Bloomers will be my new favorite store for basics. They shouldn't be overlooked.

Then, I stoppped by Zoubeck, a small vintage store owned by the same people that run Pretty People vintage in Old Town and Annie Cream Cheese. I love window shopping at this store almost every day as I walk to and from my pilates studio.

Image from here
I found this amazing purse for $31. I cannot tell you how excited I was. I have been looking for a cross body bag like this one for over a year.

Next, I made my way down to La Cuisine. This stop was probably the one I was most excited for as I had my gift certificate and a 20% coupon for the month of August burning a hole in my pocket. I could easily spend a fortune at this store on any day and twice on Sundays. But when I have a gift card, it's like Christmas morning.

I got some serious loot. Up first, a pizza peel. Sure it's not the most flexible tool and really only has one use, but fiance and I have been experimenting with grilling pizza and this tool is invaluable.

And I got some Christmas sprinkles, because really, one can never have enough. I will have to show you my collection at some point. It's getting pretty impressive. However, these sprinkles add a new element to my stash. I didn't have any snowflakes or long green ones. I swear.

I also picked up a small mortar and pestle. This tool is absolutely necessary for grinding up dried herbs or making pastes. Given that I am going to have a ton of fresh herbs to dry at the end of the summer, this moment seemed like the perfect one to get prepared.

Finally, I got this book. Was it necessary? No. But it made me giggle immediately and I loved the historic recipes and Virginia history.

My next stop was the Christmas Attic. The downstairs shop is actually the Urban Attic and has seasonal gifts and the top is all Christmas. I couldn't think of a reason not to buy Halloween and Christmas decorations in August, so in I went.

I purchased this beautiful ornament for Christmas...

And this awesome bottle for Halloween. I think it would be a great vase or could even hold something spooky for a Halloween party.

On my way back towards home I popped into Current Boutique. It was an absolute mad house because of the 20% off the entire store. I didn't stay long, but that probably was because I found a few awesome pieces last week.

By this point, I was pretty tuckered, so I popped into Bittersweet...

And picked up my favorite lemonade. It's absolutely perfect for a hot day and is massive. Almost the size of my head. Then I sat down and played my favorite Old Town game...

I like to try and count how many breeds of dogs I can spot. It's a game I play almost every weekend at the farmers' market. I got over 20 on Saturday and it was my personal best.

All in all, the weekend was enormously successful. I had so much fun and got some great goodies. The whole day made me fall even more in love with my little town and I felt such a sense of community. I practically skipped home. I'd highly suggest everyone attend next year. Also, La Cuisine is offering 20% off for the entire month, so you should stop by!

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