Monday, August 26, 2013

Help Yourself to the Buffet

The dining room was one of those places in the house that we knew what we wanted almost immediately. Some of the other rooms didn't provide such clarity. We lived in the living room for a while before figuring out a floor plan that made sense for us and looked pretty. But the dining room was pretty clear. We eat there and store stuff. We had the table, we needed a buffet, a rug, and the bar. However, a lot of those purchases weren't immediately necessary. Rugs were easier to justify because they will save the floors. And a couch was more important because we use it all the time. So when the need for fiance to study for the bar cramped our house purchases, the dining room projects had to wait. That was ok with us because we didn't have any guests staying at the home and were happy to save money for a little while.

However, now that the bar is over and we had out-of-town guests coming to stay with us, these projects on our to-do list took on more urgency. So about a week and a half ago, we visited this amazing store called Nadeau. It is easily one of my favorite stores. if you haven't been, you should. It's a small chain with stores in lots of cities, but you'd never know it. They import furniture from all over the world and it's all original and all incredibly well priced (our buffet was a better price that most at big box store's like Bob's. Plus it's solid wood).

Here is the gorgeous buffet we picked up at Nadeau.

The styling is still a work in progress. A combination of decoration and function. Because kitchen counter tops are premium space, I want to be able to store my tea caddie and cook books on the buffet. So I'll have to find a pretty way to do that. I'm keeping things real here and showing you where we store the kitchen stool. I'm super short and we have really high cabinets, so it's a necessity unfortunately.

The storage was really the main selling feature.

I put all the white stuff on the left and the glass/crystal on the right. There is still lots of room in the drawers and cabinets, which is great because we are getting married soon. And our registry will be pretty full of kitchen stuff since we both love to cook.

This picture shows the top detail. It's solid wood and just gorgeous.

We are going to have lots of gold accents in the dining room because I think it looks beautiful with the navy. So we have a mix of gold frames in one corner with fun family pictures.

As you saw above, we also hung my DIY mirror. It's a little small for the space, but I think with some narrow art on either side, the balance will look great.

To the right of the buffet, we moved my bench. To see the bench project, go here

I think it's a pretty big improvement over the coffee table/dining table it was functioning as before. I'm not sure it's the ideal use for the space, but we sit on it all the time to put on our shoes. So it will stay for now.

We also finally finished the blind project. We just picked up an oil-rubbed bronze curtain rod and super cheap white curtains from Ikea.

Of course, if you were reading last week, you saw that I originally bought the wrong size pole. Oops. Then we took down the heinous blinds. 

It is so amazing how much beautiful light comes in the windows without the blinds. In the middle of the afternoon, we do close the curtains to keep out some heat and it works great. but most of the time, they stay open. With the cat stand in front. Winston has to keep tabs on the squirrels, you know.

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