Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Goldilocks in Our Office

Back in June when we got the office in order, we put everything in a place so that fiance would be able to study for the bar and I would be able to do summer work. He brought over his old office chair and we dealt with the layout. But I wasn't super thrilled. My desk was in the corner away from the window and my monitor blocked all of the light. It felt cave-like. I am incredible sensitive to natural light and when I don't have it, I get grumpy. So once the exam was over, we switched around the layout and got fiance a new office chair.

The old office chair was too stiff. My chair is too low for fiance, but this one was just right. You can also see how we moved over his desk to the left corner.

My desk was basically rotated 180 degrees and moved towards the window. You can also see how the chairs go nicely together, but aren't matching. This floor plan makes so much more sense for a multitude of reasons. First, I'll be closer to my bookshelf, which is so convenient. Second, I'm right next to the kitten's bed. Since he's a complete mommy's boy, the placement makes sense. And third, I'm next to the window and fiance is in the "cave". Just as we like it.

While we are sharing office updates, here is our newest art. I bought the print on and used an old frame. I removed the previous drawing and gave the frame a fresh coat of paint. If you go to this old post, you can see the frame and old art.

I'm not really sure exactly where this little guy is going to go. I love that it's colorful. The caramel wall color is great, but I need to bring in more color in the art. I want to have a small arrangement on the wall next to my desk, but I still need to pick up a few more pieces. So for now, the new art is just leaning against the wall on top of the bookshelf and keeping my books company.

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