Friday, August 23, 2013

Girls and Their Shoes

What else can I say? Like so many other women before me and so many yet to come, I have a bit of a thing for shoes. Oops. When I came to see the home during the inspection and I saw the sitting room, I gasped. There is a tiny closet in the corner of the room. It's too small to hang clothes and that wouldn't make much sense given the shelves. But a linen closet doesn't really make sense either, because there is another closet in the hallway that's much more accessible. No. This closet is for shoes. All shoes.

As amazing as that sounds, and believe me, it is, it actually wasn't organized that well. There were a few shelves, but then a really high space in the bottom. Give that I have a pretty sizable shoe collection, I wanted to add a few more shelves. So we started by installing a few L brackets. I measured the height of both shelves, traced a pencil line, and then screwed in the brackets.

We got some cheap white shelves at Ikea, and then I just sawed off the end of each to make it the right size. Then, fiance drilled pilot holes in the shelves and we secured the shelves using tiny screws. For reference, we added the bottom two shelves. The rest already existed when we moved in. Maybe one day I'll pay all of them the same color and add some fun color to the walls. Who knows.

Then, I got to the super fun task of organizing them. I keep all the flats on the same shelves and then try and group shoes together by similarity if possible. Then, just to be super ridiculous, I put all of the right foot shoes on the right facing forward and the left foot shoes on the left facing back. That way I can see the front and back of each shoe. You know, just in case I forgot.

Tucked in the back I have some winter boots and shoes that are out of season right now. Once fall rolls in, I'll reorganize the shelves and probably put the sandals in a storage box. This project was a pretty small one, but boy oh boy did it put a smile on my face. There is nothing like pretty organization and shoes to make me happy.

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