Monday, July 8, 2013

Open for Business

Fiance is up to his eyeballs studying with the bar. Which is fine. It's not like he has a choice. So I'm just doing my best to stay out of the way and not ask for too much help with home projects. It's an uphill battle. Patience really isn't my strong suit. And I hate waiting. Once I decide to do a project, I want to do it. Like NOW. But I'm doing my best. Mostly I'm trying to stay busy with little projects that only require two hands.

One of the issues that has been plaguing me has been the state of our guest bedroom. Not that it really mattered. Mercifully, any potential guests have wisely stayed away thus far. Our house is simply not in a state to entertain. But it's getting there. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Technically it's more of a den because there is not closet and it's in the basement. But it has a full bathroom, it's completely insulted and really quite cozy. But it looked like this...

Now, that room wouldn't work for anyone. Although as you may be able to see, Winston had made himself quite comfortable on the dark blue blanket. Yes that is his hair. Gross. I know. Also pretty gross were the combination of red pillows, lavender walls, and various shades of blue. No thank you.

On my last trip to Ikea, I picked up a quilt and pillow sham set. Nothing fancy. Just white, with a little bit of stitching detail. Thankfully, the red shams contained pillows, so I didn't have to buy new ones. Yay for that. The red pillows worked for our old apartment, but not for the new home. So I swapped out the pillow covers and spread out the quilt.

I also cleaned out a bunch of the junk, tools, etc. No one needs to see our mess, other than us of course.

I also filled out the bookshelves with enough reading materials to occupy any visitor.

For $50, I think this room made one heck of a turn around. It still needs some fun pillows and some other touches to make it feel cozy. Like a throw over the corner of the bed, a basket for towels and toiletries, and maybe a fun rug for under the bed. But at least the bed is made and doesn't make your eyeballs burn. Getting there. Now if only I could figure out how to photograph the basement with better light...

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