Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Holy Walk-In Closet

So we are back to regularly scheduled programming today. I thought long and hard about whether to actually publish this post after yesterday's rant. It seemed a bit silly and trivial. But at the same time, this blog isn't where I share my heavy, deep stuff. That remains in my books. I'm not sure anyone really wants to read about how I'm currently studying the English bureaucracy during the reign of Charles II. If you do, color me flattered, and comment below. You and I don't need to waste other peoples' time and we can chat privately (I'm fully expecting crickets on that offer, by the way). So I decided to push that publish button. After all, I'm sharing house updates here, and this was one of my favorite updates so far...

Do any of you watch The Newsroom? There was a scene this week when a few of the characters were talking about closets. And the guy makes this comment like, "What is it with women and closets". As a rule of thumb, I try not to perpetuate or give notice to stereotypes. But that one? That stereotype has me pegged. I'm a bit of a clothes horse. Ok, I'm a lot of a clothes horse. One of the biggest selling points of this house was "the sitting room". That's what the floor plan called this room. But really, it's my walk-in closet. I actually do use it more than the term closet would suggest. The antique chair is perfect for reading and the light is incredible. So it's a great reading spot too. Even fiance sometimes studies in the chair. But really, it's a pretty place to house my pretty things. And I LOVE it.

First, here is my little reading nook. You can see that with all the windows, the light is just amazing.

Then I hung up these two little pieces of art. I've had them for years in my various apartments and they seemed appropriately girly for this space.

Then, because I'm crazy, I colored coded my hanging items. Yes, I know, OCD, blah blah blah.

Then, the real project, were these shelves. I thought I took pictures of the process, but apparently they've disappeared. So here is what I did. I picked up four of the brackets at Ikea and the two shelves. The brackets were in raw wood, but the shelves were finished. Then I just spray painted the shelves with Rustoleum's paint and primer in one. It probably took me 2-3 light coats. I let them dry outside in the ridiculous heat for a day or two and then brought them in. We hung the brackets using wall anchors and/or toggle bolts. The walls in this house are a bit wonky and seem to change inch to inch. We secured the shelves to the brackets using small screws. I think it's a great use of otherwise wasted space.

Then I picked up this necklace holder. It was from Michael's and originally black. But that didn't work. So I spray painted it white. and now it holds my necklaces perfect.

In my last apartment, I had my necklaces hanging on this board. But there wasn't really any wall space in my sitting room, and I thought it would be weird to have the board somewhere else. So I came up with another solution. 

I think one of my favorite details in the whole room is my little ring holder.

Of course, the room isn't just pretty, it has to be practical too. So you have a few odd elements. Like my printer next to my jewelry box. The office is seriously lacking in electrical outlets. So the printer found a home here.

While I was at Ikea getting those shelves, I also picked up this rug (the cream one). It was super cheap and fluffy and feels lovely under my feet. Then I just layered the little pink one on top that was a hand-me-down from my mom.

This pictures shows most of the room. It still has some work that needs to be done. The top of the built in is a disaster and needs to be organized. There is a tiny shoe closet in the corner that is a work in progress. And I want to refinish the lamp.

BUT, and this point is super important, I could not be luckier to have a space like this one. Not only was fiance nice enough to let me have all the storage, but I know we are incredibly lucky to have it at all. I just thought you all should know.

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