Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Random Odds and Ends

A few improvements have taken place randomly. Way back when we first planted the garden, I commented that it was a bizarre update, given that our house was still in shambles. There has been a lot of that. I think it's human nature to occasionally be sidetracked by small details in the midst of big projects. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. It makes me feel like we are really living in the home, rather than just unpacking. So here are a few of our random, small updates.

Let's start with a key hook. This one is completely fiance's fault. He hated having the keys on the counter. And by on the counter, I mean in his jeans pockets in the laundry bin while we search for them. So a hook is a big step up and provides an easy way to save time on the way out of the house. I found this little guy at Anthropologie and just need to get some chalk to write on the little board.

An up-close shot.

 And late at night, when we are both tucked in nice and tight, our keys have some place to sleep too.

We have some art we still need to frame and hang above the hook, but for now, it goes beautifully with the print on the other side of the door.

Both, in turn, go perfectly with my new hand towels from Papersource. Who doesn't need macaron towels in their kitchen?

One floor up, we managed to hang another piece of art! Three pieces in the whole house! No but really, each little bit makes such a big difference in the homey-ness of the place. This piece is my June calendar print. It lives in our study and provided a nice pop of color and whimsy. It's resting on a single nail, so it's easy to pull down and change every month. Plus, it serves the very functional purpose of you know, date telling. It's really nice to be able to sit at my computer and actually see a calendar. Such a novel concept.

Anyways, my little updates make me smile and I can't wait to tackle more. Stay tuned!

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