Friday, June 21, 2013

Living Room Progress (Also Known as I Finally Tidied Up)

This post has really been a long time in coming. We've had the rugs for weeks now and the couch for quite some time. I just need to get all of the junk off the coffee table (which has become something of a dumping ground), straighten up the pillows, fold the blankets, etc. But I did it. And here is the progress.

Here was the before:

When we first got the rug, the room looked like this.

Ignore the blurriness if possible.

The problem was, the chair was too far from the tv, and the room felt very heavy on one side. We were thinking about getting a love seat or something to go where the white chair was, but it still felt weird.

Then we discussed what it was we really wanted and came up with a good solution. So here is the now:

Here is the new couch we bought from Ikea.

Oh, and you can see the rug. The chevron striped bench is temporary.

It is in the corner where the tv used to be.

The old couch is now in front of the window and provides a separate seating area. The wooden coffee table is too big for the space, but it's a really nice piece so we are letting it stay.

The tv is in the nook to the right of the entry. I've placed a permanent dibs on the chaise part and fiance lays down on the other part and goes back and forth as he sees fit. It's the perfect viewing distance and super cozy.

Right now we are using this ridiculous set up as a table. It's my old bench and a piece of wood for drinks, snacks, meals. Eventually we'd like to get a round, tufted ottoman for this space, but it will do for now. We really like to eat dinner here while watching games or tv shows, so we needed something.

Way down the road, I'd like to sell the grey couch and get two arm chairs and a smaller coffee table. It does look a little silly to have the two couches in the room, but it's functional. When we were trying to figure out what to do with the room, we figured we could either get love seat/chairs and down the road get the couch we really wanted. Or we could get the couch we really wanted now and get the chairs later. We decided to go with the option that is more functional and honors our lifestyle, rather than trying to cram ourselves into something we didn't want.

We decided to go with the white couch for a couple of reasons. One, it was super cheap (under $500- which is a lot of money, but for a couch is a steal). Ikea stuff isn't always the best, but some of their couches, like this one, are actually quite sturdy. We went for the white because it really lightened up the room and the slipcovers are super easy to remove and wash. The material is thick and durable. It does show every speck of Winston hair, but it's really easy.

I also don't know if we will be here for more than four years. So maybe we'll just keep both couches and then have places for them when we move into a different home. Either way, we didn't want to get rid of the grey couch right now because it's less than two years old, is super comfy, and is in great condition.

The room still needs art, a new light fixture and some pillows, but we are making progress!

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