Monday, June 10, 2013

Fish Tacos (Our Grill's Maiden Voyage)

Three years ago, when fiance and I graduated from college, my parents gave fiance a grill. We decided not to actually get it until we lived in a place that allowed a grill. Fast forward three years, and here we are. The day had finally come to buy the grill. Since we are trying to eat healthy, we decided to go with fish tacos. They do take some time to prep, but really they are pretty easy. Just marinade some fish for a while, throw it on the grill, and prepare the toppings. It would be a really fun dinner to make when you have friends over because you can prepare all the toppings ahead of time and then just cook a big batch of fish. Everyone can make their own. Definitely a good thing to try over the summer.

When marinating the fish, I like to start with a spice packet. I picked up this one at the store, but I've also used zesty lime and other flavors. Just pick a flavor combo you like and add fresh ingredients to it. I added lemon and lime juice, fresh garlic, a tablespoon of vegetable oil, and some apple cider vinegar. We used tilapia because we had some in the freezer, but it would also be great with halibut, or any type of white flaky fish. I made the marinade in the morning and let the fish soak all day (in the fridge). It provided great flavor and we could have easily eaten the fish plain. But maybe that's because fiance hickory smoked it. I'm getting ahead of myself though.

Here is the packet I used.

After adding the fresh ingredients, I marinated the fish for several hours.

Then fiance hickory smoked the fish. You could also just straight up grill them. Just make sure they are fully cooked because you want the fish to flake easily.

Once the fish is done, just crumble it with a fork.

While your fish is cooking, prepare you ingredients. I diced tomatoes, shredded cabbage, rinsed some pinto beans and sliced limes. Fiance also had diced jalapenos. We also had greek yogurt (instead of sour cream) and guacamole. But there is really no limit to what you can use.

Prepare your tacos and enjoy! The hardest part is keeping your tacos upright. And trying not to be a total disaster while eating them. I failed at both, just in case you were wondering.

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