Friday, June 14, 2013

Bullying Basil

I'd like to think my basil is a benevolent dictator. But he was just crowding the oregano and thyme within an inch of their lives. (As an aside, is it weird that I refer to my plants as little guys, as though they are people or puppies? Probably, but who am I kidding, I'm going to keep doing it). Anyway, it was probably my fault to begin with, because I didn't anticipate how big and happy my little herbs would get. So I set about remedying the situation.

This was the pot before I took action. As you can see the basil was just about out of control. And the poor the thyme and oregano could barely get any sunlight.

So I went back to my favorite store for garden pots (Home Goods) and found these two little yellow pots. They definitely were made by the same people that made the green and blue ones and I thought they added some cheeriness to the arrangement. I carefully dug up the thyme and plopped it down in this one.

And the oregano in this one...

And then re-situated the basil with more potting soil and more space.

The final arrangement.

It really makes my backyard such a happy place for me to be. And since I walk though it to get to the car almost daily, it brings me smiles all the time.

I've actually been out of town for the last week or so for school responsibilities and family visits, but fiance reports that they are all blooming away. So I'm going to try and update this post later today with after pictures to show their progress!

Update: Ok, so I went outside this morning after being gone for about 9 days and holy guacamole! The plants just went crazy!

The photos are the best quality because they were on my phone, but look at the growth! The tomatoes especially just shot up! There are even some big green tomatoes on the plant and tons of flowers on the jalapeno bush too. It was so nice to see the difference in my absence!

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