Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blindingly Ugly

As in, the blinds were blindingly ugly. When we moved into our home, we were very thankful that the blinds came with the home. We absolutely hated them, but it was nicely to have something temporarily on the windows to block a tiny bit of light. But they quickly began to grate on our nerves and drive us crazy every time we entered a room. Last week we went to Ikea to scope out furniture and decided to pick up some curtains while we were there. I brought my curtain rod from California, so we really only needed the panels.

This picture shows what the windows looked like before. We kept the side blinds down and the center blind up most of the time. Winston loves to look out the window, so we try and leave the space open for him. Because he's totally spoiled.

 Here are the after shots:

This last one is probably the truest color. It's almost like a very light burlap color. Nothing too fancy, but adds some really nice texture to the room. Right now we are layering a bunch of neutrals (the dark grey couch, light grey walls, neutral lamp shade, neutral curtains). We have plans to change out the light fixture for something in the same family. And I still need to show you the rug we got. It goes well with that whole family of colors. Once the texture is taken care of, I want to add some accents, probably in a teal or turqoise. Maybe something like this pillow?

This one would also be nice.

Anyways, making progress. It's awesome to see the windows without the blinds, but also have some privacy at night. Can't wait to share even more developments!

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