Monday, May 6, 2013

Spice Up Your Life

....and now I have the Spice Girls stuck in my head. Lovely. Moving on. As part of our ongoing quest to organize the kitchen, we came up with a spice solution. City-dwellers know that space of any sort is at a premium, but especially in the kitchen. We have a smallish kitchen, as most home in our neighborhood do. But the storage space is actually quite good. There are a few cabinets that make up a sizable pantry (which I will show you as soon as we wrangle some sort of cohesive plan into them). But spices would have taken up way too much space in the pantry. And the OCD parts of fiance and I hated the mismatched spices bottles that we've collected over time. So we decided to try a spice drawer. At a recent trip to World Market, we found some containers we loved and used a 10% off coupon to snag 17 of them. We actually have room for 21,  but they only have 17 of the stainless steel king in stock. So we used another coupon to order some more online. Then it was time to transfer everything.

As you can see the spice bottles really weren't the most efficient use of space.

So we started by placing labels on top of each container, and picking out a few bottles of bigger things (saffron strands, cardamom pods, etc.). Those items made sense to leave in the larger bottles.

Then I carefully transferred all of the spices into their new containers. Since we lived apart for two years, we have a lot of duplicates. We consolidated as many spices as possible and then housed the extras in a shoe box in a super high cabinet. That way, the next time a spice runs out we can just go shopping in our little spice store in our own kitchen.

I wrote the names of each spice on the jar. If I was really picky, I could have printed out the names. But our printer isn't hooked up yet and I was impatient. The spices were all on the counter and I needed that space for a baking project you'll see on Wednesday.

All-in-all, it's probably one of my favorite fixes we've done so far. It's such a small thing, but has so much impact. There is nothing like opening that drawer and seeing the impeccable organization. Yes, the containers are alphabetized. I couldn't help myself.

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