Friday, May 17, 2013

Raspberry Sorbet in Lemon Cups

I found this idea on pinterest (where else I know). I thought it looked like such a nice option. It provided visual interest (higher than the other desserts), a different texture, and a different temperature. It turned out to be a great choice because it was super hot this weekend and the cold sorbet was seriously appreciated. The dessert definitely took some time to prepare, but I was happy to do something that didn't require turning on the oven. I will certainly use this recipe (can I call it that if I didn't make the sorbet?) during the summer when the heat is just too oppressive for oven use.

I started by washing off my lemons. I got a huge bag from my grandmother's very active lemon tree. It always helps to have fresh lemons. They are so pretty and smell so amazing.
Next, I cut the lemons in half.
And trimmed the bottoms to help them sit flat. Be sure to trim as little as possible so pith stays in the bottom of the cup.

Start cutting around the outside of the lemon at an angle. You don't want to cut down through the outside of the lemon and the angle helps the insides pop out. I had to go around a few times and then sort of force it out with the knife. A serated knife worked well.

You'll probably be left with some lemon fruit on the inside. I just used the serated knife to scrape out the fruit.

You can see how cleanly the cups turn out if you just keep scraping. Spoiler alert ahead!

I left the sorbet out for about ten minutes before scooping it into the lemons and it started to get a little too runny. I had to put the cups into the freezer as soon as they were done and forgot to get an after picture. So, instead I have the final picture from the bridal shower. You can see that I filled the cups with sorbet and then just used my finger to smooth out the tops (with clean hands of course!). I returned the cups to the freezer until it was time to serve!

I ended up buying the sorbet to make my life easier, but you certainly could make it yourself. This idea would work with tons of flavors and was so fun. It also worked great ahead of time, so I would recommend it to anyone!

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