Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Modest Silver

On to the living room! The living room was next up on the painting agenda. The color wasn't awful. It was a light yellowish cream. I'm fairly certain the previous owners repainted most of the house before they listed it. In fact, I'm pretty certain the entire house used to be green. The kitchen and dining room were the lime green that still resided in the kitchen when we moved in. The living room was an olive green and the bedroom was a dark olive/ almost hunter green. But not a pretty emerald or forest color. A dark, dirty green. Thankfully the painted the bedroom a beautiful blue that we love and are leaving. But I digress. They chose a super neutral color for sale and it was fine. But yellowish cream isn't really my color and it certainly wouldn't have gone with my couch. So when we selected the gray for the kitchen, we also selected the gray for the living room. We chose to go with one tone lighter than the London Coach and ended up with Modest Silver.


In this darker light, it's a little harder to see the difference, but look at the light picture!


In certain lights the paint has almost a pinky or lilac hue, which I think is so warm and cozy. But that's really only at night. Because during the day, the paint reads like super light baby elephant.

You can see how the room really opens into the dining room, so the two shades had to flow nicely together. I don't know about you, but I'm in love. Something about these colors seems to bring back some of the elegance of the house. Sure it's a modest house and always has been, but the age of it seems to call for something a little more proper. Which totally makes me giddy. Maybe it's just me.

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