Friday, May 10, 2013

Flower Power

There is a very strange phenomenon going at on our house. Every day, at a about five p.m., a swarm of gnats congregates in the air over the middle of our patio. Not fantastic. After fiance did some research, we discovered that one of the culprits may be the flower bed on one side of the patio with a whole bunch of dirt just hanging out. In an attempt to rid the gnats of their habitat and encourage their relocation, we decided to move up the gardening schedule and tackle the flower situation. I knew I wanted to do a border of Lemon Thyme for many reasons. First, you can use it in cooking. Second, it smells lovely. Third, mosquitoes hate it and I hate mosquitoes, but they love me. So anything I can do to repel them is fantastic. We also had some lovely vines growing up the back and what I think are day lilies, but needed something for the middle. After some research, I settled upon peonies. They like the sun and don't mind the heat, which is very necessary for DC-region summers. They also tolerate the cold which was another big requirement. Finally, they are pretty. And I wanted pretty flowers. So off to the nursery we went.

Once I got home, I laid out my purchases to make sure the sizing was ok and to check the arrangement.

Then I pulled up some weeds, tilled the soil, added compost, and tilled again. The soil was already looking much improved.

I planted the peonies first, put a few little catnip plants in between (because Winston needs some fun too), then added the lemon thyme around the outside. It's my home the lemon thyme spreads and fills out, but if not, I might add some nice ground cover.

The peonies on the outside are pink and the one in the center is white. After some serious watering, I was done.

And here are the little lemon thyme babies.

To refresh your memory, here is where I started.

To be fair, there were these pretty little purple flower vine things.

And here is the final shot. So much better.

I can't wait to see how my new additions expand and fill out the space!

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