Thursday, April 25, 2013

Green Be Gone!

I wasn't sure exactly what color I wanted to paint the kitchen, I just knew it had to be painted. The lime green might work for some, but it was so not for me (us really, fiance hated it too). Because the kitchen and dining room and living room are fairly open to each other, the colors needed to flow nicely. It's not exactly an open floor plan, but you can see through from one room to the other. I knew I wanted a navy dining room and then wanted a few shades of a warm grey. Not a cold, modern crazy. But a warm, elephant-like grey. the sort of grey that hints towards brown but isn't khaki. Makes tons of sense right?

So we picked up a ton of paint strips and then chose some samples to try out. There were a few debacles. The person at Lowes gave us the wrong colors and then one sample was just white. So we had to go back and get the right colors. But we finally settled on the Valspar color London Coach. We only needed to do one coat and the green monster was a memory, thank goodness. Despite the white cabinets, the room feels very cozy and peaceful. I will definitely bring in some accent colors once the movers deliver my stuff, but for now it's such a huge improvement.



Now all it needs is cabinets full of stuff, a few fun touches and some more flowers near the window! Not to mention a new light fixture on the ceiling (no boob lights welcome here!) and maybe a new fixture above the window down the road. But it's a huge step in the right direction!

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