Monday, April 29, 2013

Dreaming of Dining Rooms

Remember way back when I did those inspiration posts? See the homes one here. My very first self-lesson was that I swooned for navy dining rooms. So when we made an offer on our lovely little home, I immediately began having visions in blue. The house is over 100 years old, so I felt that a navy dining room would be sophisticated enough to do the amazing molding justice, but wouldn't be too stuffy. I want to actually use the room after all. Because it's right off the kitchen, I wanted fiance to be able to sit and do work there or hang out with me while I cook or bake. So elegant was on the menu, cold was not.

We started by picking up three test pots of navy paint at Lowes. We went with Valspar again because we had that handy Lowes gift card. This picture really isn't helpful, but the color on the right was too light. It didn't scream navy. The color on the left was too dark and had too much of an inky black hue. We went with the one in the middle. I think it was Indigo Strip, but I'll check and get back to you. Then on the bottom were samples of the two grays we selected. I didn't want to make a decision about the gray until the blue was up on the wall (although we ended up going with the darker one, London Coach, which is the same color as the kitchen).

Next, we painted the whole darn room navy. If I'm being really honest, it wasn't a fun process. Dark navy is NOT a forgiving color and we had some issues with flashing (when certain areas of your paint are shiny and others are matte). Long story short, it took like 3-4 coats and more than one trip to Lowes depending on the wall.

Then it was time for the bottom. By that point, which was a few days later, we had the painting thing down so it went super quick. Again, we went with the darker color because we didn't want it to resemble black and white too much and frankly it just felt right.

Here is the view from the living room. You can see why we wanted to use only two grays from the same family. With all of those doors it really needed to flow well.

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty obsessed with how it turned out. We already have plans to put some art on the walls with gorgeous gold frames. Sounds a little out there I know, but just look at my inspiration photo...

If that's not gorgeous, I don't know what is. We are also going to replace the chandelier because the silver light just isn't my jam. We are actually looking at two really similar fixtures, one in oil rubbed bronze and one in brass (that looks gold but without the heart attack-inducing price tag). Any thoughts? Can't wait to show you all the updates once they happen. Currently we are working on unpacking. It is fun to discover things I forgot about in the last month, but I hate newspaper. It gets my fingers dirty and I feel compelled to wash my hands every five minutes. Hopefully I will have skin left on my hands to hang art!

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