Monday, April 8, 2013

Closet Organization

I'm living in the middle of a tornado zone and I'm just about losing my mind. I'm not good at living like a gypsy in the best of circumstances. But when boxes and suitcases and piles are everywhere, my need for organization and stability is overpowering. Oh right, I forgot to say, I'm moving. More details to come. My move date is in the ten day forecast, so I laid out my outfits in order to finally tackle my closet. I was complaining to fiance about how stressful it is to pack my whole wardrobe and he suggested it would be less intense if I didn't have so many darn clothes. Which is true. But not really an option. I've already purged so much and given so many bags to Good Will. But I still have a pretty sizable wardrobe because well, I love clothes. A little too much. I acknowledge the problem and now I'm in problem-solving mode.

Sorry sweetie, I'm always going to have a lot of clothes. You knew that about me when you proposed. But I promise I'll try and have organized storage, because that's the best. Here are some ideas. What do you think? I'm thinking I can find some ways to create the same look without paying for a professional installation.

First and foremost, let's get some inspiration shall we?

This picture is a great example of a narrow space. Would work great behind double doors.

If I could get my hanging items to look this cleanly organized, it would be a miracle.

This space is amazing, but doesn't utilize the space that well. They could certainly go higher up the wall and while the shoe cabinet is amazing, it isn't super efficient. Clearly they have a massive room for a closet. Color me green with jealousy.

This space might be one of my favorites. It's so fun and colorful. Super practical. Perhaps not. But so pretty.

And of course for my hubby-to-be...

To help recreate this look, some shelves like these would help. It seems like you could stack them as well, so maybe have two on top of each other on one side of the closet for shirts, sweaters, pants, purses, shoes, etc.

Next, no one like's sloppy shelves. In order to combat those toppling sweater stacks, wobbly purses and unruly jeans, I'm thinking a few of these bad boys are necessary. Maybe more than a few.

Something plush for my tushy would be nice. But floor space is at a premium, so I'm thinking a fun tuft or bench.

This choice would be super whimsical and comfy, but I have a feeling if I was sitting on it trying to buckle a heel, I'd topple right over. Not exactly the graceful look I would be going for.

This choice would be super practical, because I could store mittens and gloves in it during the summer.

I like this choice because it combines visual interest and practicality. The price is pretty steep for an ottoman from Target ($100), but I bet I can find something pretty great from Home Goods or Marshalls.

And of course, a little sparkle completes the necessary closet equation.


  1. I love how you posted five full-room walk-in closet options for your clothes . . . and I get the inside of a door. Then again, maybe I should be glad I get that much, and keep quiet.

    Anyway, I like the second option best. It seems to maximize efficiency and provide the best organization. Also, it does not have cabinets that hold *only* shoes, and if there's anything in the world that us guys think is insane, it's cabinets that do nothing but hold freakin' shoes.

    1. You get way more than the inside of a door! I was just including an inspiration photo for you, so you would now I was thinking about how to organize our entire closet, not just mine!


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