Monday, March 18, 2013

Irish Spring

I was going to share an amazing recipe with you today, but I left my camera at my parents' house over the weekend along with all of my recipe pictures. Blast. So instead I thought I would honor the holiday yesterday with some amazing green finds. Green seems to be the "it" color this year, both in home and personal decor. It is also my personal mission to eat more green, so I think green is here to stay in all aspects of my life!

Mint green seems to be all the rage in the fashion world!


These dark green pants are fab. I got a similar pair from Gap and I love them! Although they are slightly longer on my very short frame.

This subtle green is a nice touch that isn't too intense.

These chairs are so rich and decadent and add such an amazing punch of color.

I like the idea of painting the outdoor siding for a rustic, country porch. It's a fun color not used too often for the exterior of the home.

How cool is this idea? I have always been a big fan of using furniture to create unique bathroom spaces, but love the green paint. I always think of basic colors, but the green is so fun for a powder room!

I've been meaning to make this salad for over a week now. I'm sure it would be delicious and I'd love it, I just have trouble getting excited about making a salad for dinner.

I bet this green harissa sauce would be fantastic on fish.

This idea is so fun for a party or bbq! And much easier to eat than all spread out on a plate.

Chickpea, feta, and parsley salad.

Ok, so it's not healthy, but it's green! I think a Mint Chip Ice Cream Cake would be perfect for a summer birthday!

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