Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Very Belated Valentine's Day Wrap-Up

I know it is now March and Valentine's Day feels like forever ago, but I wanted to share my sentimental presents for my sweetie. I didn't publish this post on Valentine's Day since we didn't celebrate until last week when we were together and I didn't want to give away any surprises. I just thought I'd give you a few ideas for maybe an anniversary, birthday or next Valentine's Day.

Fiance isn't the easiest person to buy for because he buys the things he needs and doesn't keep a running wish list. I actually think his lack of materialism is a great quality, but it makes gift giving annoying. However, for this occasion I came up with brilliant ideas, or at least I thought so. He doesn't follow me on Instagram, so in general he doesn't see those pictures. So my first present was a set of magnets, made by Stickygram, based on nine Instagram photos I took.

I tried to choose a mixture of places, things, and our baby, Winston. From left to right, top to bottom: 1) Old Town Alexandria 2) kitten 3) a sentiment 4) kitten 5) us on a date night 6) my engagement ring 7) kitten 8) kitten 9) a beautiful walk we took the day after Thanksgiving in Boston.

Next, I was randomly browsing some stuff on Etsy and came across this set of vintage postcards of DC from the 1940s. Pardon the bad picture, I only managed to grab one on my phone. Fiance is starting a new job soon, so I am going to frame them for his office. But, I wanted his input and to see the space before I chose the frame.

They have beautiful postmarks on the back and some adorable writing and made for a really fun gift. I don't usually like to share gift prices, but I'll let you know that I bought these both for $21. I'll pay a bit more for frames, but I think it's a very sweet, personal, reasonably priced gift for your love. So feel free to copy my idea or be inspired and take the idea and run with it. Just think of what your honey loves and find something to do with that.

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