Friday, February 8, 2013

Lots of Loot

Over the holidays I won a giveaway on Old Town Home. There was a great deal of squealing in the Reagan airport when I received the email. Especially because the giveaway I won was to La Cuisine, a specialty kitchen store in the heart of Old Town. Well this past week when I was in the DC area, I went into the store itching to spend my gift certificate. I went with my mom, who is a great cook, and we basically oohed and ahhed and sighed for a good 20 minutes. I could spend thousands of dollars in this store. I wanted practically every item I saw. Of course, my kitchen would look like a hoarder's special and fiance would kill me. So I had to make some decisions about pairing down my goodies.

I should start by saying, I have a bit of a baking problem. My motto has always been that I like to cook and love to bake. I'm working on making them a bit more equal. I really want to be an extraordinary cook. So I probably should have bought cooking items. But did I? Nope. Not a one. Technically one or two of the goods could be used for savory foods, but that is not their primary purpose. It's not 100% my fault. Fiance likes to cook too and has strong opinions about our cooking gadgets. He wasn't with me, so I didn't want to buy a new pot or pan that we would eventually use together if he hated it. Let's blame it on him, shall we? So, on to the details. I did spent a little extra, only because I needed  the items. But it was totally worth it. So for a total of $74, $50 from the giftcard and $24 dollars of my own, I bought...

A large frosting knife. I have a tiny one that is perfect for cupcakes, but I've been craving a big one for cakes. How I do love cakes.

I placed the knife next to the pie crust shield so you can see the size. It's a pretty big sucker, but isn't unwieldy.

A pie crust shield so that the crust and the center cook evenly.

A large frosting bag and one of the little do-hickeys that you insert your frosting tips into. (Insert dirty joke here). The great thing about these bags is that as long as you don't have any raw eggs in your frosting, you can just rinse these bags right out and use them again. 

A pastry blender. you have no idea how long I have coveted a pastry blender. Every time I make scones, biscuits or anything that involves cutting in butter, I curse my knives and wish for one of these. Culinary note: they can also be used for pizza dough, hence the savory purpose.

A dough scraper. Perfect for scraps of cookie or bread dough (savory!) or even transferring food like chopped veggies (double savory, yay for me!).

My momma got me this purchase. I have a serious weakness for maple sugar candies, so these was right up my alley. It would be perfect for waffles, French toast, pancakes, or even dusted on top of my gingerbread cookies. Oh! Or mixed into frosting to put on top of breads or cookies. Maple frosting. Seriously. Who is salivating with me?

I have little silver balls for decorating cookies but haven't managed to find gold ones in a while. They are worth their weight in, you guessed it, gold.

A powdered sugar duster. You can also use these for flour. Amazing for baking and decorating. My grandmother has one just like it, so it has a lot of sentimental value. 

That's a lot of loot right! I was really impressed by the store's selection.

So was Winston. He inspected the goodies and was impressed by their quality too. But actually, in all seriousness, I was expecting the store to be really overpriced, but was so wrong. Sure there are pots and pans that are very expensive, but there are also a ton of incredible accessories, tools and spices that are super reasonable. The selection of odd spices, beans and decorating objects is unlike anything I've ever seen before. I will definitely be back in the store and at the very least buying tons of Christmas gifts there.

Thanks so much to La Cuisine for allowing me to browse for an extensive period of time without rushing me and for all of your help. And a special thank you to Old Town for the gift certificate and to introducing me to the store. I had so much fun and will put my new goodies to great use!

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