Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January Cure Day Five

I've been keeping up with my January tasks, but I'm sharing them a bit out of order. In order to share day 4, I need to take a lot of pictures, and I'm feeling lazy today. So day 5 it is. As you saw on Monday, one of my tasks was to wrangle my holiday decorations and Christmas tree ornaments. There were three major problems.

First, my collection wasn't static. It has been gradually growing over the past several years. I inherited many hand-me-downs from my mom when I moved out to California and every year both fiance and I get a new ornament in our stocking. In addition, we try and buy an ornament whenever we go on trips to help us remember our experiences. Second, all of my decorations were smashed into one crate. Of course, they didn't all fit. So all of my lights were in a bag (Halloween and Christmas), and everything else was in the bin. And it was a disaster. Every Spring, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, I had to drag out the bin and dig through everything to find the desired season. This mess resulted in Christmas tree needles on the floor in July and Easter bunnies spewed all over the floor in December. Not desirable. Third, my ornament situation was precarious at best. I had a big, flimsy cardboard box with a gazillion pieces of tissue paper inside to wrap up the ornaments. When I moved out to California, some of my ornaments were casualties in the move. It was pretty devastating to see some ornaments I've had since I was a kid in tiny pieces. I was determined to make sure that didn't happen again. I wanted a more organized system, but more importantly, I needed a more protective option to make sure ornaments didn't break in the next move. I figured there is no time like the present to make the future move easier. One more organizing task I do now, is one less task I have to do later. Yay!

I started my new year holiday organizing by purchasing an ornament box from the Container Store. I was going to make a similar box, but frankly, I'm not sure I could do better than $17 anyway!
Here is my former ornament box. Clearly I was in need of assistance.
This is the box once it was full. The best part? I've got room for another row and years of new ornaments. I pushed bubble wrap around the sides and foam "s" on the bottom to protect the ornaments. I also filled up the empty space on top with additional bubble wrap.
Here is previous bin that now only holds the spring, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations.
Here is the new bin that is full with only Christmas stuff, yay!
Here is the new ornament bin, all safe in the corner! Holiday re-organizing complete!

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