Monday, January 14, 2013

January Cure Day 4 & 6: Artwork and Pillows

Clearly I'm not going in order with my January Cure posts. I hope you forgive me. I think it's pretty indicative of my January, so I'm going to embrace the chaos, so long as I get my stuff done. I've had to alter a few of the January tasks due to my impending move. But that's ok, I'm focusing on the spirit of the task and I figure that's ok.

So, without further ado, Day 4. Day 4's task was to spend ten minutes sitting in a corner of your room that you rarely use. Take this new perspective to think about the things you'd change. Since my 2013 focus is positivity (and since I'm trying not to undertake too many large projects in my apartment given the move), I decided to take a different approach. What from my apartment do I love? What do I dislike? More specifically, what sort of feeling do I want to create in my new home (because most of my belongings are going with me)? I found this question to be quite enlightening. So I came up with a few pros and a few cons.

My cons: the kitchen. I need a bigger, more efficient space. Even if the square footage isn't much larger, I need more functional cabinets. Carpet. I'm over it. The bedroom doesn't matter so much, but carpets in the living room have got to go. Winston hair wiggles its way into the carpet and refuses to come out. I feel like I can never get my apartment clean. Efficient windows and sturdy screens. I'd love to be able to get fresh air without fearing that every bug in the neighborhood would enter my apartment.

Ok, so those are a bit nitpicky. But my pros are more big concept. Here we go...

Books. My bookshelves are a bit chaotic and I'd love to streamline that a bit in the future. At this moment it's about as good as it can get. I need all my books and can't put away any. But, I'd love to have my fiction or pretty hardcovers out and then my school books in a study. Either way, I will always incorporate books into my design. They are a huge part of me and I love them.

My couch and pillows. I love the coziness of my couch and definitely have a love affair with pillows. I wouldn't mind having a little pillow collection that I can rotate depending on the season. I have a good start with a few Christmas pillows, but I'd love to incorporate more colorful, feisty options if I'm in the mood. I'm clearly not the only one who likes the couch. Look at those leopard spots!

Art. I've worked hard to build up my art collection and incorporate more art into my life. I love the color and whimsy and it will be a life-time love.

Speaking of art, here is Day 6's project! The assignment was to frame a piece of art. Fortunately, I had this project in mind before the email arrived. I've mentioned several times my art calendars. See past months posts here, here and here. Over Christmas, I received a new box for the new year. My excitement was a little embarrassing. It's just so exciting to have something to change out every month with so little effort. I was getting ready to recycle my old calendar, but felt quite sad and guilty about throwing away all of these beautiful prints. So I came up with a way to reuse the July print.

Fiance and I got engaged on July 7, so I decided to draw a red heart around the number and make it art. Nothing fancy and certainly not complicated, but it's meaningful and makes me smile every time I see it.

I picked up a cheap frame at a local outlet store. I decided to go with this white-washed wood option because it reminds me of the beach, just like the print.

I chose this corner of the room to hang the print. It seemed like it fit the space nicely and I see it all the time.

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