Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Pocketful of Posies

Part of the January Cure is to force yourself to do the cleaning that no one wants to do. Let's be honest. No one likes dusting, organizing, vacuuming or the like. Especially with carpet. Is it just me, or are pets and carpets not compatible? My apartment is permanently dusty. Anyway, that's why the January Cure is excellent because it forces me to do the cleaning I'd much rather avoid. But even though I'm having some major organizational successes and tidiness victories, you really don't need to read about them. Flowers are a much better blog topic. Am I right?

Another major January Cure theme is the importance of flowers. Why is it we only have flowers around when we receive them as gifts? Why don't we buy flowers for ourselves? Anyway, part of the day 8 and day 13 assignments are to purchase flowers for the week (I've decided to skip the assignments that no one cares to know about, like cord wrangling, paper organizing or bedding laundering. You are welcome). So this week I decided to hope on board the bloom bus. I've been missing fiance like crazy and in need of a little pick-me-up. While nothing can replace his company, I am just amazed at the impact wielded by a few dollar bouquet. Every time I see these cheery poms, I just can't help but smile. Think about it. Flowers all week for less than you'd pay for a drink. Totally worth it. Join me and pick up some posies today!

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