Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekend Explorations

Hello All. Pardon my absence. I've spent the last few days in DC with my fiance and it's been lovely. What with flying and packing and madness, my posting has been a bit off. I promise soon I will be back on track with tons of holiday recipes and such. Last year I was feeling super creative around the holidays and did tons of crafts. This year I have no desire to pick up my hot glue gun. As a result, not many holiday craft posts are in the works. Maybe it's all the flights or what not, but I just want to be with my boo and relax. Rather, I want to have a house and decorate that space instead of my adorable apartment. To be honest, I did do a lot of decorating, but not in the creative way that the holidays usually inspire. I find myself in limbo once again. I know I'll be moving in the not-so-distant-future. So investing time, effort or dollars seems futile. I'm trying to counter this feeling by enjoying the moment. Some moments I do really well, others are total failures. I'm thinking some holiday baking this weekend might be just the solution. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, here are some of my activities. 

Friday night was the night for all things twinkly and sparkly. Following a holiday party at this fabulous building...

We decided to head to Old Town, Alexandria. We were making our way to King Street and turned onto the main drag and I literally let out a gasp. Every tree for block and blocks and blocks were lit up and the total effect was simply breathtaking. Literally. Hence the gasp. Something about all the tiny shops and all the holiday spirit really melted my heart and there may or may not have been a glisten in my eye. Yes I'm a total sap.

We grabbed dinner at the Pizzeria Paradiso and the combination of the hot pizza, beer (for fiance) and our fancy party clothes created an evening straight out of a romantic comedy movie. I half expected to hear bells and for snow to fall. Not that I minded in the slightest. I firmly believe everyone needs a strong dose of corny every now and again.

Saturday and Sunday were filled with more good food and friends. My visits to DC are usually on a few days, so it was so nice to have almost a week to fit in lots of social visits with friends. We made the most of the opportunity. Then today after another social lunch, I walked around Downtown Holiday Market. I love taking advantage of fun little opportunities like these that cities provide. It was so fun to stumble upon this little fair and meander along the stalls. There was tons of interesting jewelry, but in my opinion the scarves and knitwear were definitely the main attraction. I would share the experience and my finds but apparently my camera cord was not on the list of things that made it into my suitcase. Anyway, it was a really fun experience and I'd encourage anyone who is downtown to just take a quick stroll through. Hope you are all enjoying the holidays, whichever holidays they may be.

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