Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Half of a Decade/Fall Pinterest Challenge

On November 5th, my darling fiance and I will have been together for half of a decade. Unfortunately we won't be able to spend the date together, so we celebrated this past weekend instead. I got him a relatively extravagant present for his birthday/anniversary, but I wanted to at least do something sentimental for the actual event.

I saw this picture on pinterest and it seemed just right. Then, last week Katie and Sherry announced the Fall Pinterest Challenge and it was as though all of the puzzle pieces were just falling into place. I firmly believe one can never have enough mugs. Fiance may disagree, but I'm sure he will love the sentiment regardless :).

However, since I was making these mugs for him, I wanted the quotes to be a bit more appropriate to our relationship. So I picked two awesome quotes. One I love, one he loves.

The first, I love. Ignore the random subtitles in this youtube video. I am forever a sucker for Pride and Prejudice. Most of my favorite books I read once, maybe twice. But I return to Pride and Prejudice annually. It will forever be my favorite and I will always melt.

The second quote is from Big Bang Theory. Apparently youtube won't let me see this clip, but Sheldon says "I so informed you thusly", a fancy way of saying I told you so. You can see why it's appealing in a relationship.

So I bought two mugs at the dollar store and traced out my quotes.

Then I went over the letters in sharpie.

Cup two.

I baked the mugs for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and let them cool. Then I packed them up and took them to DC with me. They aren't perfect, but I love that they look hand-written. Because of course they are. But anyway, I hope fiance will think of me when he sees them in the morning. Be sure to check out Sherry and Katie's projects too, as well as all the others that are linked up!

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