Friday, October 19, 2012

Digging for Treasure

A few weeks ago my mom and I dragged ourselves out of bed early on Sunday morning and made our way to the Alameda Flea Market. I first learned about the monthly flea market from a friend and was quickly intrigued when I read that it was largest antique fair in Northern California. I certainly wasn't disappointed! The people watching alone was worth the trip. But there are also treasures for every type of hunter. Everything you could really hope to find, from trinkets to furniture in need of a fresh cot of paint, to vintage suitcases and glassware are available for the find. I myself picked up several amazing finds and could have come away with many more. I will definitely want to go again at some point, especially when I'm looking for new furniture. You could easily make an all-day adventure out of this event. There are food vendors and enough booths to fill up hours of wandering. I was dragging because of a busy Saturday night and the Giants game later that afternoon, so we only stayed a few hours.

The first find I wanted to share with you is a new addition to my letter press collection. Last year I found a "J" and a "L". I originally had them hanging on my wall with a small heart in between them. But, since I am now engaged and  will change my last name once we get married, I wanted to find a "C" for my fiance's last name.

I placed my letter arrangement on a stack of books. I decided to have the paper faced outward because I love the neutral, yet textured look. I also think it really allows the letters to be the star of this little show, while providing a nice, interesting backdrop.

I love that the letters add a little something special to this shelf. Sometimes small changes are really the most exiting. I also really like that the letters are all a little different. Really gives it a collected-over-time-feel. I'm working on sprucing up my other finds, so I'll share those next week once I finish!

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