Monday, October 22, 2012

Baggage Claim

One of the things I've coveted for years are vintage suitcases. I recognize that we've made advances in efficiency and space, but in recent years travelers have really sacrificed style point. No longer do people dress up and treat flying as part of the experience and they certainly don't pack with care. I'm willing to admit, I'm part of the problem. When I'm going to the airport at 5 AM for a six hour flight, I'm far more concerned with comfort and not going over that crucial 50 pound limit. However, on occasion I still wish we carried elegant leather suitcases, curled out hair, painted our lips, and covered our hands with delicate gloves.

Since that reality is probably never coming back, I'll settle for having the suitcases in my living room. I'e seen so many images of stacked suitcases used as a side table and I was determined to create the same look for my apartment. While my mom and I were at the flea market I mentioned on Friday, I picked up two great vintage suitcases. I would still like to find one more to complete the look, perhaps a cream or tan option would be great. But these two were great deals and I didn't want to buy a third just to buy something. I want it to look right.

Here is the first one. I love the stripes.

Here is the second. I love the blue.

And of course a photo bomb shot.

The suitcases still need some tlc, to get that sticker off the bottom. I don't have any flowers at the moment, but I picture the side table eventually looking something like this picture.

Here is a close up of my quick styling. I need some flowers for the vase obviously. But I think the tray is nice for a drink or snack and the owl adds a nice little touch of fall. Something about owls screams fall...or should I saw "hoos"? Sorry, terrible pun. Enjoy!

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