Friday, September 21, 2012

There is Nothing Better than Organized Storage

...especially when it's pretty :). Fiance gave me a beautiful jewelry box a few years ago. I still use it all the time and it works perfectly for bracelets, earrings and smaller necklaces. But recently, I have a few new additions that are big clunky costume pieces. They were really cluttering up the space and making it far less functional. So I spent some time searching online for a good solution. Finally, I came up with this project.

So I bought a cork board at Michael's. I had some white fabric with a subtle flower patter than my friend had picked up for me 1.5 years ago. Using a stapler, I secured all four sides. Then I did the corners, like presents.
Nice and tight.
See how the fabric has a nice design that adds some interest, but won't compete too much with my jewelry?
I also picked up some ribbon on clearance while at the store. I just wanted something to seal the corners and make it look more finished. I used a glue gun to attach the ribbon.
All done! Seriously, this project was so fast. I did it while watching a tv show and I was shocked by how easy it was!

I laid out my necklaces on the ground first. I wanted to play around with them with the permanent-ness of the wall. After a few changes, I had an arrangement that I liked. Then I stuck in clear pushpins at the top of every necklace. (I picked up a big box of pushpins at Michael's as well).

The back of the cork board had two holes for the heads of screws. So I stuck a piece of tape against the back of the board and poked holes in the tape. That way, I didn't have to measure the holes. I just put the tape on the wall, made sure it was level and started drilling. Since the board was a little heavy, I used wall anchors. Then I screwed in the screws, leaving a little out. I hung up the board and I'm all done! (By the way, I apologize for this terrible picture. The lighting in my closet is just miserable, so it's accurate. But at least I have a big closet!).

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