Friday, September 14, 2012

The Weirdest Way to Make a Pillow....Ever

I'm not lying. I really don't recommend using my technique. I probably could have borrowed my mom's sewing machine, but I was impatient and I didn't know when I would get the opportunity. Patience isn't my strong suit. So I got seriously creative.

As you can see, the table mats already had seams, so I didn't want to just turn the mats inside out and hand sew them.
So instead, I cut out some strips of extra white fabric.
 Winston helped, naturally.

Then I cut hem tape for each side. I place the white fabric on top of the hem tape and ironed the strip in place. Then I lined up the one mat next to the other and repeated so that the white strip of fabric was hemmed to both pieces.

 I'm not describing it well I know.
I think this picture shows the best how the white fabric basically folds in half to hold together the two mats. I used this totally crazy method on three sides.

I filled the pillow case with cotton stuffing and then using white thread, I hand-stitched the last side. I'm actually thinking now that maybe I should have just hand-stitched all four sides. I think the texture looks nice and although it would have taken a long time, it would have been more uniform.

I still need to get the stuffing to be a little more even, but it's not bad considering I used hem tape.
Right? Could be worse. At least I love the fabric. I'm still working on the stuffing and if that doesn't improve, I'll hand stitch all four sides. I'll keep you updated.

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