Monday, September 10, 2012

Retail Therapy

I'm back in California after spending the summer in DC and I have mixed feelings about it. I am one of those people that loves school, and I am beginning to get excited about the new year. I also get to see my friends and family out here, which is really nice. And I love my apartment here. It's so cozy and is the first place that really feels mine. Of course, none of these things compare to how much I miss my fiance, but they do help take a little of the edge off. Knowing that I was going to feel a little bummed when I returned, I decided to make a few purchases before my flight. I am a big believer in retail therapy in small doses. I wouldn't suggest anyone buy a car or anything huge, but sometimes having a new pillow waiting at home for you can be really exciting.

So anyone have any guesses as to what I bought? You guessed it....pillows! I got a fabulous deal from Joss and Main on two of these pillows. One is sitting on my couch, which I totally love.

I finally feel like I have the right set of pillows. It really feels like it fits, without being matchy matchy. I also am pretty darn excited to get a little ikat in my life. I know I'm way behind that trend, but I was really waiting for a pattern that felt right and not forced. I am thrilled to finally be done with the couch pillow saga. Even back then I was already annoyed with myself.

The other one is currently sitting on my chair in the corner of the room. This chair isn't moving their permanently, but I want to create a little library corner and I wanted to get an idea of size.

My goal is to have something a little shorter and probably deeper. See how it's a little too visually imposing? I think it just competes a little too much with all the books. So something a little smaller is the way I want to go. I wanted it to be more cozy or loungey. Yes that's a word.

I also ordered a set of place mats from One King's Lane.

I used two to create this pillow (I'll do a post later this week explaining my process). I'm not sure what I'll do with the other two mats. Maybe another pillow down the road. Or I could use them for a romantic summer dinner. We will see. As you can tell, the stuffing is still a bit lumpy and is a work in progress.

Despite the lumpiness, I really like how the lace adds a little femininity to the leather recliner and the burlap adds a little texture.

As an aside, you all might wonder why I don't just read in the recliner? Here is the problem. When the recliner is upright, it hurts my neck. I'm too short and it the cushion on top hits my head in a weird place. When the chair is more reclined, I fall asleep. So I need a chair that is comfy, while still upright. Just like my red chair in DC. So I'm on the hunt for a good deal.

I also have a few more additions to share with you, but they were gifts, and one in particular is breathtaking, so I wanted them to have their own post. Until then,


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