Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Little Library Corner

Before I came back to DC for the summer, fiance (then bf) was kind enough to move around the furniture in the apartment to accommodate my work and wishes. Our apartment is a little bit of a cave. It's got a great big window on one side of the apartment, but hardly any natural light gets into the kitchen or the majority of the living space. Even though I'm a total night owl, I'm very sensitive to natural light. As in, I NEED it. So we brainstormed and he moved the furniture around so that my table/desk area was right next to the window. Once he was finished, we actually kind of kicked ourselves because the new layout was so much better. Not only did it accommodate our work schedules (it put both our desks in a similar location), but it put the tv near the kitchen. This switch was a huge bonus because I love to watch sports while I cook and we often watch one of our shows while eating. However, the biggest benefit was that it created a library nook.

If you are facing the corner, it has the lamp to the right, a small chest to the right which serves as a perfect side table, and is flanked on both sides by bookshelves (not pictured). I found the chair at a antique market in upstate New York several years ago. It has gone on quite the journey, but had to remain in DC when I moved because we couldn't find a shipping option that cost less than $1,000. I kid you not. We bought the faux leather ottoman several years ago at Bed Bath and Beyond. It's actually a nesting set that has storage inside and the top flips over if you want to use it for drinks, snacks, etc. Winston has done a number on it so I can't imagine it making the next move with us, but it works great for now. On the right wall we hung our vintage poster that was originally belonged to fiance's mom. The red ties in nicely I think. But, I really wanted something on the wall to the left of the poster and the right of the lamp.

So I decided some sepia-tinted photos would do the trick. We picked up two cheap frames from Michael's and printed two 5x7 prints at CVS. The first is the street where we got engaged.
 The second is a shot from our Europe trip a few years ago. This particular picture is of Lake Como.
I hung both prints using command strips. Fiance was working, so I didn't want to bother him for help with measuring and nails and such. Not that I can't do that on my own, I just think it's way easier to have to sets of eyes and hands so one person can hold up the art, while the other stands backs and makes sure it's even.
My final product! It's such a cozy spot to read or do some work and has been utilized practically every night this summer. 

Winston is also a huge fan of hiding under the chair or sneaking his way onto my lap when my feet are up. He's so spoiled :). Anyway, I will really miss my library when I'm back in California. In fact, I've enjoyed having a reading-only space so much that I'm considering trying to replicate it in my California apartment. I'll keep you updated!

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