Thursday, August 16, 2012

Great on Paper

I really don't want to write this post. I'm just letting you all know. I'm going to share it anyway because being honest with cooking failures and successes is important, but it is a labor of love. I was SO excited about this dinner. It felt so fresh and exciting and sophisticated to me. Remember the cooking class I took back in May? The recipes were from that cookbook. Which is amazing I have to say, but this meal just went belly up. Here's why.

I planned to make stuffed zucchini with homemade tomato sauce. Problem one: apparently fiance doesn't like ricotta cheese. He likes cannoli, but not regular ricotta. I didn't really know this, and I'm pretty sure he didn't either. He also didn't like the firm chunks. So next time, I think I would use goat cheese. We both love goat cheese and the zucchini would be great with that substitution. The ricotta I used was also quite salty, which in itself wouldn't have been an issue, but was compounded by problem 2.

Problem 2: The recipe for homemade tomato sauce called for either fresh tomatoes or canned tomatoes, specifically the San Marzano brand. I got the San Marzano brand from Whole Foods because my kitchen is hot as hell and I didn't want to spend more time peeling and slicing 3 lbs of fresh tomatoes. Then the recipe called for additional salt. Usually, if using canned tomatoes, I would taste the dish before I added the salt knowing that canned tomatoes tend to be salty. But because the recipe specifically called for this brand and made no mention of omitting the salt, I just added the salt. HUGE MISTAKE. The sauce was so salty it was practically inedible. I really love salty food and I could barely eat it. I wish I had tasted it too before pouring it over the zucchini. I might have been able to make something work. But alas, I didn't.

Plan for future: I am determined to try this meal again. I think if I can get it right it would be delicious. Plus, the zucchini without the sauce would be an excellent appetizer or starter course. So it will happen. Minus the salt, obviously. Once I get it right, I'll share the recipe. I figure no one cares for an awful recipe. I will share the pictures however, because even though it was an assault on the taste buds, the dish was easy on the eyes.

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  1. This dish was of a VERY rare type in our apartment. That is, the type where (1) there are leftovers, and (2) those leftovers go uneaten and must be thrown away.

    There were two reasons for this, in my opinion. First, the dish just came out too salty (see above for the reasons why). Second, it just wasn't the right time for a no-carb, no-meat dinner. I was in the mood for something substantial, and this dish is aimed at a light, healthy dinner. Oh well. Our un-deterrable author swears that she will try it again, so hopefully the stars will align next time and the leftovers won't survive long (or at all).


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