Friday, August 10, 2012

Fall Wish List

I know this blog isn't usually devoted to fashion and I don't really have any plans to change that. There are days when I proudly stay in my sweats all day and don't want the pressure of a blog-friendly outfit. But, when I do go outside into the public, I try and dress nicely. I firmly believe in the power of first impressions and think you have to dress how you would like to be treated. Since I want to give off the serious-graduate-student-but-not-boring-or-stuffy vibe, my outfits sometimes take a little extra thought. Especially in California. There are a lot of things I love about my home state (go Giants! ooo and football season is about to start, 49ers too!), but sometimes the dress code I could do without. Don't get me wrong, San Francisco is home to some serious fashionistas, but on my school campus, I'm often less than impressed. Most of my friends in the graduate program present themselves nicely, but it's not unusual for me to feel like the most formal person on the street. Wearing heels inevitably invites stares or questions about what I have planned that day. On days when I feel like looking like a schlub this casualness is great, but most days, I'm all for a little more formality. I've committed myself to dressing to my standards not to those around me, but it's not always that easy. When I'm in D.C. or San Francisco or New York or Boston it's a no brainer. There is nothing like a sophisticated environment to make you step up your game. So while I'm still in DC, I'm making a Fall wish-list for clothes just to remind myself how I want to look when I'm not longer in the District. I very seriously doubt I'll buy all of these items (I am a graduate student after all!), but if I am going to try and find a few great deals.

Long-Term Purchases
I have a long black coat and until last year I had a hip-length blue wool coat. But I accidentally left the blue coat in the trunk of my car and somehow left my car unlocked. The next day my blue coat was gone. Thankfully nothing else was taken and my car was still there. How I managed this feat I don't know, but it scared the crap out of me and I'll never do it again. But anyway, I could really use a grey coat. I am torn about which direction to go however. A short coat makes more sense for next year. But for the next five years, a long coat is more practical. The coat on the left comes in grey and navy. Works great for the short coat idea. While I'm at it, I'd take her face and body too. Those probably can't be bought from But, the long grey coat of my dreams (the one I saw a woman wearing on the bus 1.5 years ago) may not exist. I certainly can't seem to find it.

Black leather boots. I have a suede pair I got two years ago but the heels are literally coming apart at the seems. I've worn them down to nubs. I think this purchase might be the most urgent. I love this pair on the left because I want the shaft to be a little wider from top to bottom (tee hee). I don't want these to be super tight. I'd love to be able to wear tights or jeans with awesome sweater socks on top. But I don't know that I'd call them a deal at $180.

These are $40 cheaper, but I'm not sure how I feel about the ruching on the sides. The truth is I know exactly what boot I want. My mom got these boots from Boden last year in brown and I love them. I want them in black. They aren't on the website right now, so I can only cross my fingers they return.

Seasonal Treats

I need me some loafers. Gap also has a pair without the tassels in herringbone which I love, but I have shoes that are similar to that concept and really could use a pair of brown flats (believe it or not mother I do not own a pair of brown flats). Plus, every time I would look down and see tassels they would make me giggle. Because tassels are silly and totally awesome. And isn't that what shoes are about anyway? At $40 and a Gap gift card in my pocket, these are happening. Pronto.

Some hardcore skinny jeans. Not leggings. Jeans. I've got skinny jeggings and given that I have hips, they tend to fall right down. No thank you. I have boot cut jeans and wide leg jeans, but it is time for a pair of skinny denim jeans. I have this exact make in white and I'm obsessed. They have room where it's needed and are skinny where it's not.

I need to buy five of these tanks. Not kidding. Mine are jinxed and get destroyed/lost/etc. like it's their job.

Doesn't this sweater just look amazing! So comfy and cozy and apparently you can wear it tons of different ways. It's a must.

Ok so that's my list for fall. What's on your list of must-haves and wants? Happy almost Fall! I can't wait! It's one of my favorite seasons. Well, I'm not looking forward to the long distance thing or the crazy stress for school thing, but the weather and clothes? Yes please!

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  1. Oh, lord. This is not my area of expertise. Allow me to bow out on the discussion of women's fashion.

    In menswear... I need some paisley ties. Yeah. Paisley ties. Okay, end of comment.


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