Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Best Ten Dollars I Ever Spent

Listen up all students, scholars, at-home workers. I have a really amazing find for you. As you may know, Winston is a little crazy. And by a little I mean a lot. He thinks he is a dog and is entitled to that sort of attention. He constantly tries to get in my lap or play with me and when I ignore him he whines or grabs my feet, ankles, or butt. For example...

When I sit in my reading chair and have my feet up, Winston can't quite fit in my lap when I have a big book there. So he wedges himself in between my legs.
When I do laundry, he "helps".
Same with packing.

Over the years, I've devised a few strategies for dealing with his royal highness. We always have a post/house/tower thing for him to scratch his claws on and look out the window at the birds, bunnies or squirrels. Thankfully, Winston only scratches here and doesn't destroy furniture. Our floor is also covered with toys, which helps a little. But when I'm reading, writing or studying for school (which is a lot), he can be a major nuisance. I can't always have him on my lap or entertain him at the drop of a hat. So my friend suggested I tie his favorite toy to a chair.

This certainly helped for when he's crazy hyper, but when he wants to snuggle, I was out of luck. So the other day at target, we found the best invention ever. This bed. Technically it's a dog bed. But Winston doesn't mind.

Now most days he can be found in his bed when he isn't playing. Either hoarding his toys, or sleeping...

 like so. Usually with a death grip on his toys.
Or he simply rests his weary bones. But the most important thing is, he leaves me alone for hours at a time. I think he loves the support the sides provide and he feels cozy and safe. Maybe I'm nuts, but that's my theory. Either way, I HIGHLY suggest a similar purchase if you have a needy pet. It's made working soooo much easier.

P.S.- Sorry for the questionable quality of some of these photos. It's my phone's fault. I don't always have access to a camera at the exact moment I need it.

P.P.S.- Thank you for tolerating my excessive number of cat photos. But since this post is technically about a house purchase, I felt I could squeeze it in there. That and it's a total life-saver.


  1. Post: "But the most important thing is, he leaves me alone for hours at a time."

    Truth: "But the most important thing is, I have an excuse to take a thousand pictures of him every day because he does stuff I think is funny in this bed."

    Seriously, people. The number of times a day that our dear cat-loving author will pause her work because the cat has just worked himself into the FUNNIEST new position -- one that he will certainly NEVER repeat again in his entire life, ever -- I can't even tell you.

    But he is super cute. And as I type, he is sleeping curled up in this stupid bed. Cats are awesome.

    1. Correction: Animal-loving author. And what if he never did it again? I would be so bummed.


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