Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Pinterest Project: Wall Initials!

Hello All! As you know, I love to participate in the pinterest project initially thought up by Sherry and Katie. This season is no exception, except for a little challenge posed by my being in D.C. No matter, I was determined to create something to share. I will say, fiance was totally instrumental in this plan. Which is kind of nice.

A few weeks back we saw this sign in a small store in Old Town and we both loved it. We think it's hilarious and it's so like fiance to say something like this. So we snatched it right up and quickly determined on which wall it should reside. Only problem was that it was looking a little lonely.

Given that we just got engaged and I'm feeling extra smooshy and romantic, I wanted to do something like this sign. One of my friends made a similar sign in her apartment and I loved it. However, Michael's had other ideas. I couldn't find the right size wooden letters for the canvas size I wanted to use. Then bf fiance came up with the idea to do something with really big initials.

That's when I remembered I had pinned about a million things like this picture.

Or this picture. So I decided to do my own twist to go with the little sign we already had.

I started with my two letters and wiped them down with a slightly damp cloth. I still want to get an ampersand (one of those "and" signs) to go in the middle, but Michael's was out.
Then, using a foam brush, I painted on black paint to the front and sides. I just used the basic acrylic black paint. I'm not trying to match Monet people, just cover the surfaces.
I let the letters dry and then started to scratch them up with some super fine sand paper. That's part of the reason I didn't care if the paint wasn't the highest of quality. It was taking a beating anyway.
I did a light sand on the corners and on the front and then let it sit overnight. After some discussion, I came back this morning and gave it another sand to make the "weathering" look more severe. (See below).
This morning I hung out the sign and the initials above. Excuse the terrible light. Even in the middle of the day, this section of the apartment doesn't get much natural light and makes picture taking near impossible. I used two nails for the corners of the sign and command strips for the letters.
See how the second round of sanding make the letters look more worn?
Letters by themselves.
Signage and all. I still really want to get an ampersand for the center. Maybe a small one? I think it will make a bit more sense. But that's the beauty of command strips, I won't have to fill holes or move nails! Anyway, I'm very happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy it too! To see Sherry and Katie's projects, go to the links above. Thanks!


  1. This is really cute. I love it!

  2. These look really great! Definitely something I want to try and do at my place :)

  3. Initially, our well-meaning and lovable author wanted to have a quote that said something like: "wherever we are is home." A nice sentiment, to be sure. Unfortunately, we are currently doing long-distance, so the real meaning of that quote was "you aren't home right now because you're not together." Oops.

    I like this much better, and I think it looks great on the wall. The chicken sign was a rare impulse buy for me -- I just thought it perfectly summed up my lawyer side. Analytical, questioning, satirical and a bit cynical. Oh well.

    1. Correction: "home is wherever I'm with you". Still won't apply for another nine months. So point well taken. One day!


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