Monday, July 9, 2012

One Heck of a Weekend

Hi friends. Happy Monday. Usually I scoff at that statement. What's happy about Mondays? On any given Monday, generally not much, I know. But this Monday is special. This weekend is special. Why you ask? Well, this Monday is my first as someone's fiancée. Over the weekend, bf proposed and will now be known as my fiance. I intentionally left off the little dashy guy over the "e" because that's how I pronounce it when I'm in special company. Kind of like "fee-onse". Like how you finish the word sense. No emphasis on the second "e". It's shorter and sweeter and way easier to type in bloggy references. So happy engaged Monday to you all.

If I'm being honest, there will probably be some wedding planning posts. It's only like the biggest day of a girl's life. And I do love to plan. If you are interested in that sort of thing, here is my inspiration board in pinterest. If not, I understand. I will do my best to keep the wedding chit-chat at a minimum.

I have a few pictures I thought I would share. Feel free not to read the story if you aren't much for romance. I'll be back tomorrow with a post that's slightly less filled with butterflies and puppies and rainbows :). Until then, come join me on cloud 9.

This street is a charming part of Old Town, Alexandria late on a summer night. It doesn't really convey the magic of these homes, or the quaint-ness of the brick sidewalks. There are wrought iron benches in front of the houses people. And perfect shutters. And flower boxes that you'd find only in movies. Straight out of the 1800s, minus the stoplights and street lamps. Given my penchant for history and this part of town, it was pretty much the perfect place for a proposal.

Especially considering the personalized and heart felt present he gave me first. Pretty much the sweetest and most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. I won't go into every page, but I will say, each one was a first for our relationship. First time we met, first date, first kiss, first trip, etc.
At the end, he knelt down and gave me this stunner. Exactly what I wanted and will love forever. The fact that it makes my massive hands look slightly feminine is enough for me, but it also sparkles :). We are still getting used to calling each other fiance and not boyfriend or girlfriend and I can't believe I get to plan a wedding. But (cheese overload coming, consider yourself warned), really I can't believe that now I get to have my best friend with me always. Sure we were committed before, but now it's like there is an assurance I will always have my buddy. No matter where I am, I won't be alone. It's totally mind-blowing and a pretty damn good feeling.

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