Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cheap and Easy Weeknight Dinner Series: Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers

So I smashed my finger in a car door yesterday. Not intentionally of course and I'm still not really sure how I managed to pull off the angle required to get the last knuckle of my right pointer finger wedged between the frame and the door. All I know is my finger is very swollen and bruised. And I do not have small hands to begin with, so glamorous is not exactly my middle name. I will not be booking any modeling gigs any time soon. Although lets be honest, my hands were never going to be models for anything- except maybe for hobbits. Luckily I'm left-handed so I can write, but typing is a two-handed task my friends. So this post is going to be super short and sweet. Because I challenge you to type with nine fingers and not get crazy frustrated. Hopefully tomorrow I can put pressure on that particular digit and get on with my writing! And note to future self: hands and doors do not mix well.

I found this meal on pinterest and it was a fantastic find. It doesn't taste as much like as burger as a really awesome sandwich. I had whole wheat Italian rolls, so I decided to make my patties in the shape of thick sausages. It actually worked really great and they were so easy to eat I'll probably stick with the method.

Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers
recipe from here
1 lb ground turkey
1 egg, slightly beaten
5 oz frozen spinach (I used closer to 8 ounces) defrosted
3/4 cup feta cheese (I used about a cup)
1 tsp salt + pinch of pepper

You can tell from the ingredients above, I took this recipe very seriously. Basically, I dumped the container of turkey into a bowl, most of the feta cheese container, and most of the spinach box. Then I sprinkled salt and pepper and added the egg and mixed it all together with a fork.
I sprayed the bottom of the pan with non-stick spray and turned on the heat to medium. I formed three large patties (the recipe technically is better suited to four, but I only had three buns and didn't want to get more). Place in the hot pan and let each side cook for about 6 minutes.
This was side one after flipping. Because my patties were large, I cooked each side for a few minutes, flipped, cooked and flipped again to get an even cook through.
Top with onions, tomatoes and lettuce (if you are good and have all of those things in the fridge) and whatever condiments you like. I loved mustard, fiance used mustard and ketchup.
Serve with your veggie side of choice, or whatever is leftover in the fridge. Clearly I put tons of effort into this meal.
Thankfully it tasted amazing and no one was any wiser about my lack of preparation and attention....until now. Either way, definitely give this dinner a try. If I can make the meal on a night when I was less than focused and it turned out so great, so can you!

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  1. For people who have problems with red meat, turkey is your best friend. It is absolutely delicious and plays the role of ground beef perfectly. I'm a big burger-lover, and I thought this dinner was amazing. I would have it again any day (with spicy mustard, of course).


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