Monday, April 2, 2012

Restaurant Review: Choupi

Well more like stand review. Because it is a little crepe cart in Rosslyn, at the corner of 19th and North Lynn  Street.

According to bf's research, the chef is French and was classically trained. He decided he didn't want to work in a restaurant anymore and opened the cart with a friend. The crepes were an amazing deal. Both bf and I got a sweet crepe with two ingredients for $9.00 total.

Mine had banana and marshmallow and bf's had banana and nutella. The crepe itself was absolutely delicious and just the right thickness. The outside was nice and crunchy and the inner parts were soft and warm. My only complaint was that the sweet options were a bit limited. There are a bunch of preserve options (like different fruit jams), but very few fresh fruits. I would have loved some fresh strawberries. Another complaint isn't entirely fair, but most crepe places don't offer powdered sugar. Crepaway in DC is the only place I've ever found with my favorite combination: butter, powdered sugar, and fresh strawberries. However, for comparison's sake, Crepaway crepes are at least $7 each. But I'm blabbering. The crepes were truly delicious and we loved them. I would definitely recommend the cart to anyone in Northern Virginia or in DC who is in the mood for a crepe fix.

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  1. YS and I are big crepe fans, and Choupi really hit the spot. According to their website, the guy who runs the truck "worked as a pastry chef in various well-known restaurants in Paris, France and Washington, DC over ten years." It's fun having a high quality crepe served to you for *very* cheap out of a truck by a classically trained French pastry chef. Choupi is a little known Rosslyn gem!


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