Thursday, April 26, 2012

Picking Favorites

This past weekend bf was visiting and I made Russian tea cakes. I wanted him to have some to take home and brought some to class the following day. Lately bf has been OBSESSED with Russian tea cakes. No exaggeration. He has even gone so far as to say that they are his favorite dessert. The first time he said that my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. He continues to insist they are the best, which I strongly contest, but the whole conversation got me thinking about favorites.

How does one rank food? Especially dessert? It's one thing for someone to ask what your favorite dinner is, because usually that answer includes sides and bread, etc. But to me, desserts are way trickier. As you know, I like to cook. I love to bake. And I love love love to eat dessert. So when someone asks me what my favorite dessert is, the answer inevitably turns into something like this: "well, my favorite cupcakes is x, my favorite cookie is y, my favorite cake is z". Very helpful I know. But I can't help it. Dessert selections are so particular to my mood and the occasion. So in line with all of this blabbering, I decided to make a list that include my favorites in every dessert category. That way, I don't have to choose just one!

For me this category is super tricky. I have four favorites. One is chocolate. You have to have a chocolate option in the cookie category. Am I right or am I right? So here are my favorites.

Chocolate chip cookies. Traditional. Necessary. Terrible picture, but you get the idea.

Molasses cookies. These can go very bad if you don't have a good recipe. This recipe is amazing.

Sugar cookies. Not only are they amazing, but they are so versatile.

As you can see, they show up for pretty much any holiday.

Iced gingerbread cookies. I love how amazingly flavor-filled this recipe is, but the cookies remain soft. It's really the best.

I love cupcakes. I've always loved cake, but I think having a little personal cake is so much fun. Plus they are easy, great to transport and allow for so many fun decorating ideas. Narrowing down this category was tricky, but I managed to select two.

Red velvet cupcakes. I made these for Valentine's Day, but you could decorate them however you want. This recipe is amazing because it appeals to both chocolate lovers and not.

Pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. This recipe was one of my favorite finds of the last year. The cake is so moist and the frosting is phenomenal. It's especially delicious around the holidays.

Cakes can be tricky. The layers can be intimidating and there is nothing worse than going through all of that effort and ending up with dry cake. That is the very very worst.

I have a favorite sour cream chocolate cake, but I don't have a post of it yet. It's been a family favorite forever, but the frosting has always presented a problem. Basically, the recipe called for you to melt chocolate, add it to powdered sugar, and then mix in sour cream. But it always ended up very clumpy. It tasted amazing, but looked less than perfect. I'm pretty sure I figured out how to fix it and for the next birthday I'm making it. Of course I will share. You will thank me and never make a different chocolate cake.

But not everyone is obsessed with chocolate. My parents in particular love non-chocolate desserts. My dad is all about lemon and my mom loves berries. So this lemonade cake is my dad's favorite. Frankly, everyone loves it. Even lemon-hating-bf. It's pretty flawless. The cake is so unbelievably light and moist and it's from Cooking Light Magazine so it's not the most unhealthy cake.

So what is your favorite dessert? How do you choose what you want? Is there anything I missed on my list that I shouldn't have overlooked? Let me know!

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