Thursday, April 5, 2012

DC Thrift Finds

After looking at all of my posts from the last week, I can understand how you might think all we did in DC was eat. To be sure it was an important part of the week. I love good food. Life is not complete without good eating. But, I do occasionally like to do other things. So, while in DC last week, I visited the local Goodwill with a friend. I love going to Goodwill and browsing the aisles in search of a little treasure. Unfortunately, there isn't a location near me, so whenever I'm in DC, I take the opportunity to stop in the store.

I had some success, although per usual, I didn't find everything I wanted. But that's really to be expected with thrift stores.

 My first find was this vase. I'm currently really into green. I never thought I would be, but all of a sudden I am obsessed. I think it's because my calendar had green in the January and February prints. Spring also doesn't hurt, because well, there is green every where. I would love to have some real green- likes plants and such, but I have a tendency to kill them. I thought some succulents would be great, but according to the tags at Home Depot they need at least a few hours of sunlight. I don't have any sills that get direct light, so I'm not sure if plants are an option. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!
 I didn't actually get this votive at the thrift store. The other day I was at the local Ace Hardware and they have a home decor section. They had a few of these votives on sale for $1. So I picked up two as part of my new green theme. I think they go great with my new vase!
Here is the art piece I got. The frame is a tiny bit wonky and it's no Monet, but it's totally unique and whimsical. It was $6.95 I think, which is a bit steep for thrift store prices, but compared to anywhere else it's a steal. Perhaps I should have negotiated, but I absolutely hate doing that.

You can see up close the drawing has great texture and interesting lines.
Oh a totally unrelated, but really important note, this stuff is amazing. The frame had a price tag on it and the sticker would not come off. With two little squirts of this stuff, the sticker came off immediately. You must get it immediately for all glass. It will change your life.


  1. "It was 6:00PM, and John was finally heading home from work. He had suffered through another draining, pointless day pushing papers for the employer that he hated, and now he sat wearily behind the wheel of his old car while he waited for the rush hour traffic to move. John groaned as he remembered the detour he had to take to the local supermarket. He knew if he didn't go, his wife would nag him the second he walked through the door.

    John meandered through the fluorescent-lit aisles of the supermarket, a shopping basket in one hand and the grocery list his wife gave him in the other. Next up: "laundry detergent - fresh scent," which John knew would be waiting for him in Aisle 6. John slowly closed his eyes and allowed a tired sigh escape from his frowning lips. He had given up hope long ago that he might find a new spark that could revitalize his love for life. Now, he just wondered how he would find the energy to get out of bed and do all of this again tomorrow.

    But then . . . then John saw Sprayway - World's Best Glass Cleaner on the shelf. This was it! The life-changing spark he had always hoped for! John knew immediately that things would never be the same again."


    1. I'm not sure whether to be annoyed at your wife nagging comment or amused at your creativity.

  2. Amused at my creativity and astounded at the fact that law school has not *completely* destroyed it, obvi.


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