Thursday, March 29, 2012

Restaurant Review: Evening Star Cafe

I'm not sure how, but bf found this place online and decided we needed to go. It definitely isn't located in our normal neighborhood (Del Ray in Alexandria), but I'm really glad we visisted. The menu was original and the food delicious and the entire restaurant felt like we had stepped back in time to the 1950's. From the decor to the lighting, it just felt so cozy and warm.

The service was quick and friendly, but we never felt rushed or forced to make a decision. Bf had the shrimp and grits, which were packed with flavor and I had the seared sweet potato dumplings with a blue cheese fondue sauce and a green salad. My meal was unlike anything I had tasted before. The combination of the sweet flavor of the sweet potato and the tangy sharp blue cheese did not originally sound good, but was incredible. We shared the homemade apple cobbler with biscuit topping and whiskey ice cream for dessert. It was so massive that we brought most of it home and enjoyed it the next day. I didn't partake, but the beer menu was also extensive, creative and had great local options.

I loved this restaurant, mostly because of the feeling it created. Don't get me wrong, I'd visit again for the food anytime, but the ambiance was so special, I'll be thinking of it fondly for weeks to come.

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  1. Evening Star is run by "The Neighborhood Restaurant Group," which has a number of restaurants and food shops in NoVa. Any of their restaurants are a safe bet for a great meal (see: Vermilion in Alexandria for dinner; Eatbar in Arlington for brunch). Evening Star was no exception. Highly recommended!


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