Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wicked Awesome Deals on Glassware

Sorry, I miss my bf and he says silly Boston things like "wicked". They make me giggle. Anywho, I've been looking for some time now for really neat glass vases, apothecary jars, etc. I've actually had these purchases for a while, but I've struggled with how to design the table.

The open-mouthed vase on the left or whatever it's called (I really struggle with these name things) was from Ikea. It was $12.99! How insane is that! Then the one in the center and the one on the right are from Marshalls. I happened to stop there by accident and I was looking for a lamp shade and just stumbled upon these guys. They were so cheap! $25 for the both! If I bought a similar piece from Pottery Barn it would have been at least $40.

Then I grabbed a bag of the natural-colored moss at Michaels for about $5 and plopped a candle in each glass piece. I had the candles in my cabinet and just found a few that were generally the same color.

I laid the glass pieces on a light blue pashmina I had in my closet. I had originally wanted to use green moss and a cream colored pashmina, but the green moss was out of stock. Initially, I was bummed because I felt like the light blue was weird, but since winter is nowhere to be found in California, I thought the spring colors might be nice. Also, Easter is coming...eventually. I know it's still a ways a way, but I'll take any excuse to decorate.


  1. Wicked good find, sweethaht. I think it would be a good idear if you put those in the pahlah, dontcha think?


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