Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Struggling with a Color Palette

As I've mentioned in several posts, I'm currently struggling to find a color palette. I want to add some pops of color through a rug, pillows, etc. but I can't seem to narrow down what I want. I'm naturally drawn to red, but it ends up looking either too modern for my taste or just...wrong. I'm not sure how to explain it. Like All of the pieces fit well together except for the red, which stands out like a puzzle piece you've jammed into the wrong spot.

I was leaning towards purchasing a large area rug with red accents, but then my mom suggested I lay down a red blanket on the floor and see what I thought. I hated it. I loved the rug, but not for my space. I think the problem is the white bookshelves. They are perfect for this moment in my life (not super expensive, fit my space, and hold tons), but really don't go with the traditional aesthetic represented by the rug I was considering.

So I'm switching gears. I don't want to force a vision onto my space if it doesn't work. I've been exploring some inspirational spaces and trying to pin point what I like about each photo. Turns out I like neutrals better than I thought I did. Lots of layering and texture really appeals to me. I also like girlier spaces. Don't get me wrong, I love a big masculine, wood-filled library, but for right now I think I'm going to head in the slightly-more-feminine direction. Since I'm not living with bf for the time being and this might be my only opportunity to embrace girly decor, I might as well, right?

The opportunity to explore this direction presented itself this weekend. Many many years ago, I remember sorting through old quilts in my grandfather's attic. Apparently, my great-grandmother was an avid quilter. I asked my dad what happened to the quilts and he wasn't really sure, but did know we had three sitting in our mountain home and I was welcome to take one since they weren't really being used. Luck would have it- I was at our mountain home.

So I picked out this beauty. I've always liked it and with my new girly inspiration in mind, the pinks and gentle colors really appealed to me.

I love all of the different patterns and colors.

This picture shows most of the room with the quilt addition. I love that it adds a bit of color and I think it could really serve a great jumping-off point for more color elsewhere in the room. I'm feeling a bit more adventurous these days, so I think it could work.

But then again, I'm not totally decided and tomorrow could decide I hate pink and everything related to it. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I could decide a different path is more my style.

Either way, I'll keep you updated! What do you think? Should I stay on this path, or re-navigate?


  1. Quoted for emphasis: "[since] this might be my only opportunity to embrace girly decor, I might as well, right?"

    Go crazy, I say! Go as crazy as you like! You can EVEN go as crazy as that whack-a-doodle quilt, if you want...

  2. It's not whack-a-doodle. Its old and pretty :)


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