Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Overflowing Blankets

I'm a little obsessed with blankets. I just think they are one of those items that you can never really have enough of. Having a bit of a chill and not having a throw blanket is pretty much one of the worst feelings ever. On the flip side, having a pile of blankets to burrow under is my happy place. That be said, I do have a tendency to hoard blankets....and they can kind of get out of control. Only so many blankets can be on the couch before it begins to look a bit insane and sloppy.

Well the other day, with my quilt and cream fuzzy blanket and red blanket sprawled around me, I realized I needed to do something about it. There are plenty of places I could store these blankets out of sight. Several closets, a few different chests, etc. But that's so impractical. Every time I want a blanket while on the couch I would have to get up and walk down the hall, open a chest and walk back to the couch....ok, as I'm writing this post I realize that sounds incredibly lazy. Perhaps I am. But I know myself, and there is no way I will put that blanket back in the chest after using it and I'm back to square one. Also known as couch hidden under blankets.

 So the other day while at World Market, I picked up this basket. I like that its round and not too harsh in its shape.
Best part is, it holds all of my blankets! And they are so accessible, so I'm so much more likely to actually put them away when I'm done. Yay! I think it also provides some nice texture and warmth to the room. So that's my simply organization solution. Only one problem that I for see. Winston has an affinity for wicker. As in, likes to use it to sharpen his claws. We are currently working on training him to leave it alone. But until I can be sure he won't scratch it when I'm away, I've just left the top blanket draped over the sides so he doesn't get any devious ideas.


  1. "...I've just left the top blanket draped over the sides so he doesn't get any devious ideas."

    This has resulted in the following: instead of the cat scratching the wicker, he has made a game out of pulling the entire basket over onto its side by digging his claws into the blanket and pulling. Winston, the ultimate limitation on design creativity.

  2. And he is really proud of himself for it.


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