Friday, February 24, 2012

Easter Touches

Are there holidays you seem to forget about? Let me revise that statement. Are there opportunities for decorating you seem to forget about? For me, Valentine's Day and St. Patties' Day are the top two offenders. Don't get me wrong, this year I really wanted to decorate for Valentine's Day, but it seemed a little silly considering it was just me. St. Patties' Day I always forget about. I think when I have kids I'll go all out, but until then it just seems unnecessary.

So that brings me to this post. I was cleaning out my storage closet and found my box of Easter decorations. I swear it's not much, just a few little bunnies and candles. Nothing extreme. But since I already had my Easter-ish table set up (I think the colors remind me of a robin's egg, so I'm going with it), I figured, I might as well set up the rest of my Easter stuff.

Yes, I know it's still February. Although if you visited California right now, I assure you, it's doesn't feel like February. I've been jipped of a winter and I'm displeased.

Also, I should mention. I don't really celebrate Easter. Basically it consists of yummy candies and Easter egg hunts.

I'm not a religious person, so I just enjoy the decorations and dessert benefits of this time of year. By the way, these are Muffy and Hoppy. They were little stuffed animals I had when I was little and they came with special costumes for each occasion.

I did consider delaying this post until, I dunno....March. Or at least after St. Patties' Day. I'm sort of dreading/expecting the ridicule that will inevitably rain down on my head (cough boyfriend cough). But, I try and keep things honest. Also, he's coming to visit me at the beginning of March so he was going to find out anyway.


  1. Readers, take a look at the figurines in the last picture, sitting atop the "Legends" book. This blog's author and I have long differed in our opinions of these freakish creatures. You'll see that one is a creepy-looking kid dressed up as a creepy-looking sunflower. The other is a creepy-looking kid dressed up as a creepy-looking bunny rabbit. In my opinion, both of them would fit in better at the Antichrist's house during Anti-Easter. I'm pretty sure that these diabolical grotesqueries wake up at the stroke of midnight and begin plotting to murder their owner and/or burn down her apartment.


    1. Or they are really cute, if slightly odd, little guys. Completely harmless. Plus they freak out bf which makes them even more fun :)


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