Thursday, February 2, 2012

Desk Art

This post is SUCH a long time coming. I literally feel like I've been working on this project for weeks. It really wasn't my intention at all. In fact, I thought I had finished and it felt all wrong, so I kept going and finally had a product I could live with for a while. I'm still undecided on how I feel about the whole thing. I like how the individual pieces turned out,  I'm just not sure if I like them together or in the space. I'll be sure to keep you updated on what I decide to do.

This project all started with a desire to hang some art above my desk. The wall was empty and as much as I love my paint color, I was getting tired of looking at just paint. I wanted something office or work related and I found this print on Etsy. Here is the store. It cost $10 and is printed on an antique book page from the 19th century. So basically right up my alley.

After receiving the print in the mail, I went to Michael's and got this amazing frame, on sale 55% off. I love how old it looks and I think it complements the art nicely.

I didn't know which mat would look best. One is just a cream-colored linen mat and one had a gold border.

I decided that I liked the cream the best. The gold was too much, so I returned it to the store.

Apparently, the frame is a good place to sit. And no, I don't place him for the photo. It's all his own doing.

I went to place the picture in the frame and got photo bombed again. Or he's trying to help, who knows.
I also noticed the back of the book page was freaking awesome. I love that it was about the use of titles and how to write letters.
There was even a paragraph about scholastic titles, which I think is pretty darn appropriate considering it's going over my desk.

Here is the finished product. I love how the picture looks but it just felt wrong to me. It was way too small for above my desk and just looked silly.

 So I looked around my apartment for something that might go nicely with my new art. I didn't want to buy a new piece. This drawing was a hand-me-down from a family friend, but the frame was a casualty of the move.
In case you were wondering, even if I don't show him in a picture, Winston is ALWAYS right there.

So back to Michael's I went. I must have spent almost a half an hour laying frames on the ground. They still had the other frame I bought in stock, so I laid that one on the floor and compared others to it until I found another that went nicely but didn't match. I think it looks nice with the drawing.

Then I proceeded to hang them, but made a mistake with my measurements.

That's much better. So here is where I stand. I love how the pieces look in their respective frames. I'm just not sure how I feel about the whole thing together.

Here it is from farther away. The jury is still out, so what are your thoughts. Any suggestions? Oh, and I apologize for the crazy quality changes in the pictures. I was impatient and started at night and had terrible light quality.


  1. Very cool piece of art, in my opinion. I think the two pieces look alright together, but not great. Something about the relative size of the images -- even though the frames are the same size, the fact that the left image is smaller than the right one is a bit off-putting. Still, very cool.

  2. I know it's not quite right. I'm working on it. Or at least brainstorming.


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