Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can You Handle It?

I FINALLY have handles on my tv stand! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this development. Sure it's small, but I have been staring at holes in the cabinet doors for 5 months! It took me forever to find handles that I loved and once I reached the three month mark, I knew I had to really wait until I was completely enamored. My tv stand was a great bargain from Walmart and is surprisingly good quality and really heavy duty. However, it looked a bit big-box-store, if you know what I mean. So I wanted to find some fancy handles to give it some umph.

When I was in Boston over New Years, I visited a handle store and was completely overwhelmed. Not only did I forget to bring measurements (very poor planning on my part) but there were thousands upon thousands of options. I was just about to leave in a cloud of despair when I noticed a panel in the very back corner with these knobs. They were girly and had amazing detail, but looked antique and worn. EXACTLY what I had been hoping for. I took a picture on my phone and wrote down the details and when I got back to California, measured the holes in my cabinets. As luck would have it the measurements were an exact match. I sent the site to bf's mom (who wanted to buy the handles for a holiday gift, so nice!) and they arrived this week.

Here are the handles up close.
Here is the handle on the door.
All three.

And one from farther away. Sorry for the totally absurd lighting/sun glare. I really need to work on my photo editing skills. I love how the handles really warm up the stand. Lately I've been thinking about roughing up the stand a bit so it looks a bit more vintage, but bf might kill me because he loves it as is (Not that he lives with it now, but I plan to keep this baby for a while). We'll see how devious I feel :). Until then, I think the handles are an amazing addition and I'm so glad they are here!


  1. At the risk of offending a certain antique-loving blogger here at YSL, I must provide my honest opinion. I'm not a fan of these handles in this context. Actually, I'd go so far as to say that I actively dislike them. Now, I won't lay claim to any particular knowledge in the realm of pretty-looking handles. And don't get me wrong -- I think these are very handsome handles and could find a very comfortable place somewhere else in the home. Just not here.

    To me, there is something sacred about the "Home Entertainment Center." Yeah, I'm a typical guy. I like shiny, sleek gadgets and the more modern/futuristic the whole she-bang is, the better. I don't want my entire home to look that way, but when I kick back to enjoy some high-definition entertainment on the latest in television technology, I want everything surrounding my TV to support that same instinctual gut feeling that all guys get when admiring their toys: "look how badass all my stuff is." Those handles are pretty, but they are decidedly not badass.

    My apologies for serving as the stereotypical, uncultured, ignorant, unappreciative American male. But I like my engine loud, my TV screen big, and my handles stainless steel. And I won't apologize for that.

  2. Well yes. I can see how a large, sleek, modern, stainless steel tv center would look amazing in the center of an antique, warm room. :)


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