Tuesday, January 17, 2012

San Francisco 49ers Playoff Game

I was incredibly lucky this weekend and was able to attend the 49ers playoff game. My wonderful brother gave me a ticket and I am so thankful I was present for such an incredible sporting event. Many sports announcers and far more knowledgeable people than I are heralding the game as one of the most amazing games in football history. I feel as though my words are totally inadequate to express fully the intensity of the experience. We had a tailgate first, then made our way into the stadium (which took a while). Once we found our seats, we pretty much were on our feet for the next four hours. We did sit down for a few minutes at half time and here and there during a time out. But for every single play we were on our feet. And for every single defensive snap, the crowd was roaring. I kid you not, I yelled and waved my red towel for every single New Orleans Saints play. 

The last few minutes of the game were so stressful, but so amazing. Vernon Davis was crying, the crowd was crying, it was just so unbelievable. It is truly an experience I will never forget. Although pictures and videos really can't do the whole thing justice, maybe they will help my words fall less flat.

The tailgate madness

Some of my tailgate contributions

The line to enter the stadium and all of the cars

Look at all that red!

Coming on to the field

The National Anthem


After the critical Davis catch

Celebrating the win

The rally towels with the key phrase from Coach Harbaugh

My favorite picture
I can't seem to get the video centered. Which is really annoying me. But it helps to show power of the crowd.


  1. Looks like the game was fun, but due to... shall we say... "creative differences" (LET'S GO PATS!) I choose not to comment on the 49ers' continued success.


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